Individual Development

2017-2018 Individual Development Overview

Chair, Sherry Martin

The Individual Development program is a set of modules and tools designed to promote and achieve individual development for all women in all stages of life.

The Individual Development Program (ID) provides training and practice opportunities in public speaking, general communications and job performance skills. Introduces participants to the mission and vision of Business and Professional Women (BPW)

It was developed in the 1960’s to further enhance leadership and communication skills for working women. It has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of women but the core of the program remains – with a communications and public speaking focus. BPW Foundation continues to support ID; a licensed Signature Program. 

Will take approximately 8 hours of time.   State ID Chair, Sherry Martin for assistance


  • BPW: The Past, Present and Future: Introduction to course and BPW organization
    Come away with an understanding of the course objectives.
    Understand the history of the ID program and BPW.
    Gain knowledge about today’s BPW.
  • I’m Not Confused, I Understand You!
    Understanding peers and employees’ behavioral styles – managing for improved performance.
  • If I Were To Ask You …
    Reading people, listening skills, and knowing how to recruit the right person for the task. Interpersonal and Transferable Skills for the Workplace.
  • Taming the Tension Tyrant
    Creating Presentations: Understanding your audience for a successful presentation.
  • Standing Up and Speaking Out
    Oral Presentations: Developing confidence to deliver an oral presentation.
    Learn 10 tips for successful Public Speaking.
    Impromptu and prepared speeches are presented.
  • Define and Shine Networking – A Skill for LifePut into practice “It’s Not Who You Know, but What You Know About Who You Know”.
    Draft your “Elevator Pitch” or “30 Second Commercial”.
  • It’s All About You! Interviewing Skills
    Preparation to be successful interviewers and interviewees.
    How to prepare for an interview and a guide for follow-through after an interview.
  • Meet Me In The Middle
    Understanding Negotiation in day-to-day life.
    Gather information for negotiation in management and leadership roles.
  • Best in Class. Developing Leadership Skills
    Discuss how to develop leadership skills.
    Insight into keys for effective leaders.
  • Get Into It and Out of It – Parliamentary Process
    Learn the importance of Parliamentary process to make meetings effective and efficient.
    Understand the use of Robert’s Rules of Order.
  • There are Fewer Rules Than You Think, Business Etiquette
    Understand the Corporate Culture.
    Electronic Email and Telephone.
    Meetings and Dining.
  • You Have the Right to Write. Grassroots Advocacy
    Increase the awareness of public participation in the legislative process.
    Learn ways for contacting legislators, legislative structure and process.
    Review the BPW Legislative Platform.
  •  Reaching for the Stars Setting Goals
    What’s the purpose of having a mission, values and goals.
    Encourage setting goals personally and professionally.       
  • Memories Are Made of This. Building media relationships for your business & organization. Introduced to various forms of media.

The SECOND PART of the program involves selection of an Individual Development (ID) representative to represent BPW Ohio. The participation for a local is not limited to one Individual Development candidate to participate in the Region Individual Development Competition.  Each local may send more than one Individual Development candidate to their Region competition; however, in order to compete at the Region level, each candidate must be a BPW member.

Individual Development competition begins at the Region levels since each local may send more than one Individual Development candidate to participate at the Region level.

At the Region competition, one candidate will be selected to represent the Region at the BPW/OHIO Individual Development Speak-off at the BPW Ohio Leadership Training on April 21, 2018. The participant selected to represent BPW Ohio will be given the opportunity to present their speech at the State Conference on May 19, 2018 at the Berlin Grande in Berlin, Ohio.

 Attention Locals:  To schedule/attend an Individual Development Class:

  1. Contact your Region Individual Development Chair for the course sessions scheduled for your Region.
  2. Your local can volunteer to hold an Individual Development course in your Region.
  3. The course takes approximately 8 hours to complete.  To gain the full benefits of the course, we strongly encourage you to offer the complete set of modules.
  4. To meet the needs of your members, Locals and Regions can offer any combination of the modules for their class sessions. Please understand that, if the individual wants to compete in the Speak-off in April 2018 the individual must have completed all 14 modules sometime in the three-year period before the Speak-off competition (2015–2018).
    Feel free to contact State ID Chair Chair Sherry Martin at
  5. The following lists the documentation needed to compete in the Region and State Speak-offs as well as informational items.


March 19, 2018      DEADLINE – Submit Region ID Representative’s name, picture and Biographical Information Sheet to the  

ID State Chair, Sherry Martin
Via email to or Via USPS mail to

BPW Ohio ID Chair Sherry Martin,
4976 Royalton Rd. SW, Lancaster, Ohio 43130

All ID representative information must be received by March 19, 2018.  Please be aware of this date when scheduling your Local and Region competitions. Local and Region ID competitions will have to be organized/completed so as to comply with this deadline.

April 21, 2018         EVENT – BPW Ohio Individual Development Speak-Off Competition at the Leadership Training, ID & YC Competition and Legislative Platform meeting. Ashland Holiday Inn Express, 1392 Enterprise Parkway, Ashland, OH  44805.

May 18-20, 2018 Berlin Grande, 4787 Township Rd. 366, Berlin, OH 44610

Individual Development Downloadable Documents

2017 Participant Eligibility for ID Competition                                       2018 Berea ID Course Jan 13 and 27, 2018

ID_Participant_Biographical_Information_Sheet                                    ID Program Leadership Course Coshocton Jan 13 and 27 – 2018

ID_Judge_Scoresheet                                                                                 ID YC Program Course Lancaster Feb 24, 2018

ID Brochure 2017-18