Ohio Business and Professional Women’s Retirement Foundation

Founded June 18, 1966

Our organization was originally established to support the public spaces at two retirement homes supported by Ohio Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. One facility was in Toledo and the other was in Cincinnati. Many things have changed in the last 51 years and so have we.  The two facilities have been sold but our purpose continues to be providing support to retirement housing non-profit facilities through grants and gifts. In the last few years, we have added a scholarship program for State Tested Nursing Assistants. Commonly known as STNA’s, these women often get their start in healthcare by working in nursing homes. By supporting the facilities and STNA’s, we are supporting women who are starting their careers and women at the sunset of their lives living in low income/subsidized housing.

Women’s Retirement Foundation will continue to offer one $500 grant per region to support a non-profit, low income/ subsidized senior housing facility. Information will be sent to each local and region president. Each local in a region may submit a request; one local from each region will be chosen to receive the grant. Remember this is not for a nursing home and even though the facility may operate under a 501c3, they have to prove they have low income/subsidized housing for seniors.  Application for a grant is accepted anytime until the deadline, April 16, 2018.   The following information may be downloaded at your convenience. Each local and region president has a copy of this information.

2017-18 Exhibit A Retirement Foundation Grant Criteria

2017-18 Exhibit B Retirement Foundation Application


Women’s Retirement Foundation is also offering 4 (four) $500 scholarships for State Tested Nursing Assistants, state-wide. The scholarships will be awarded quarterly – a minimum of one per quarter. The following forms can be downloaded for your convenience. The forms will also be sent to all local and region presidents.  The name(s) of the winning recipients will be published each quarter in the Ohio Business Women’s Magazine and announced at the annual Conference in May. The purpose is to encourage those interested in a healthcare career as a State Tested Nursing Assistant to pursue their goals by making available funds in this field. The Ohio Business & Professional Women’s Retirement Foundation believes in helping women. Through this scholarship, the foundation feels that this is a way of keeping with the tradition of “women helping women”.

2017-18 STNA Information Policy

2017-18 STNA Scholarship Application

If you have any questions concerning any of the above documents please contact Sharon McTigue at 440-777-0538 or via email at mctiguest@yahoo.com.

Sharon McTigue, President,
Women’s Retirement Foundation