Our Mission: To achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information.


Has a Voice
Works at Overcoming Opposition
Show Leadership
Embraces Change
Takes Action
Conveys No Negativity
Thinks Outside the box 

Clue #5 2017-18 Volcano slogan

2017–18 BPW/OH Executive Committee


(Clue #14)

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BPW OHIO will be accepting nominations from the floor during the 
Conference Friday Business Session 
for the 2018-2019 Executive Committee positions.  
BPW OHIO State Nominations Information
Exhibit B    BPW OHIO Candidate Data Form

Who are the officers for the 2018-2019 EC?

__________________________Clue #15_________________________

“Women of the world, it’s time we talked.
We spend far too much time hating the reflection we see in the mirror then fearing that no one will like us.
If you don’t like yourself how do you expect others to?
We try far too hard to be things we aren’t to achieve acceptance, then we struggle to learn who we are for years to follow.
My fellow women, we are NOT meant to compete with each other.
We were meant to COMPLETE each other.
We were NOT meant to compare each other.
We were meant to COMPLIMENT each other.
We were not meant to be determined valuable by the number on a scale or the thoughts of others.
We were meant to love without condition as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, and friends.
We must build each other up, not break each other down.
Love starts and ends with us. It starts and ends with beautiful imperfect you.”
Posted on Facebook by Nikki Phillips 1/28/2016, Helena, MT



About BPW/Ohio

The Business & Professional Women of Ohio was established in 1920 and was part of the Business & Professional Women/USA. BPW has a proud history of working for women’s rights and issues. Over the years BPW has worked for the women’s right to vote, allowing women to serve on juries, pay equity, health issues, discrimination in the job market, etc. We are now a legacy partner of the BPW/Foundation based in Washington DC and continue to promote the legacy programs of BPW i.e. Young Careerist, Individual Development and National Business Women’s Week® Our locals work to better the lives of women by offering scholarships, donate to domestic violence shelters, food banks, rape crisis centers and the America Legion Buckeye Girls State. BPW is an organization dedicated to women helping women.

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