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The Preamble to the United States Constitution is a brief introductory statement of the Constitution’s fundamental purposes and guiding principles. It states in general terms, and courts have referred to it as reliable evidence of the Founding Fathers’ intentions regarding the Constitution’s meaning and what they hoped the Constitution would achieve.

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democracy – noun
de·​moc·​ra·​cy | \di-ˈmä-krə-sē – plural democraciesDefinition of democracy
1: a: government by the people, especially : rule of the majority
b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections
2: a political unit that has a democratic government
3: capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the U.S.
from emancipation Republicanism to New Deal Democracy
— C. M. Roberts
4: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority
5: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges

legislation – noun
leg·​is·​la·​tion | \ˌle-jə-ˈslā-shən
Definition of legislation
1: the action of legislating
specifically : the exercise of the power and function of making rules (such as laws) that have the force of authority by virtue of their promulgation by an official organ of a state or other organization
the major function of Congress is legislation
— W. S. Sayre

representative – adjective
rep·​re·​sen·​ta·​tive | \ˌre-pri-ˈzen-tə-tiv
Definition of representative (Entry 1 of 2)
1: serving to represent
2 a: standing or acting for another especially through delegated authority
b: of, based on, or constituting a government in which the many are represented by persons chosen from among them usually by election
3: serving as a typical or characteristic example a representative moviegoer
4: of or relating to representation or representationalism

representative – noun
Definition of representative (Entry 2 of 2)
1: one that represents another or others: such as
a(1): one that represents a constituency as a member of a legislative body
(2): a member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress or a state legislature
b: one that represents another as agent, deputy, substitute, or delegate usually being invested with the authority of the principal
c: one that represents a business organization
d: one that represents another as successor or heir
2: a typical example of a group, class, or quality : specimen

congress – noun
con·​gress | \ˈkäŋ-grəs also -rəs,
Definition of congress
1: the act or action of coming together and meeting
2: a formal meeting of delegates for discussion and usually action on some question the Congress of Vienna
3: the supreme legislative body of a nation and especially of a republic the Congress of the United States
4: an association usually made up of delegates from constituent organizations the World Energy Congress
5: a single meeting or session of a group


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The Business & Professional Women of Ohio was established in 1920 and was part of the Business & Professional Women/USA. BPW has a proud history of working for women’s rights and issues. Over the years BPW has worked for the women’s right to vote, allowing women to serve on juries, pay equity, health issues, discrimination in the job market, etc. We are now a legacy partner of the BPW/Foundation based in Washington DC and continue to promote the legacy programs of BPW i.e. Young Careerist, Individual Development and National Business Women’s Week® Our locals work to better the lives of women by offering scholarships, donate to domestic violence shelters, food banks, rape crisis centers and the America Legion Buckeye Girls State. BPW is an organization dedicated to women helping wom

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