Our Mission: To achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education and information.


Has a Voice
Works at Overcoming Opposition
Show Leadership
Embraces Change
Takes Action
Conveys No Negativity
Thinks Outside the box 

Clue #5 2017-18 Volcano slogan

2017–18 BPW/OH Executive Committee

“Fair Districts = Fair Elections: Ending Gerrymandering in Ohio”.
The US House of Representatives does not reflect the political distributions of the country. Congressional elections are not competitive for either party, so incumbents stay in power. Uncompetitive elections lead to stark political divisions and grid lock. Uncompetitive elections mean that elected officials do not have to listen to voters. Gerrymandering makes our elections less democratic. In effect we are losing our democracy which is referred to as “rule of the majority”.

Although there was an election on Issue 1 that passed to end Gerrymandering in 2015, this only effects the state representatives. There is an effort underway to gather the required signatures to get an issue on the ballot to end Gerrymandering for the federal level representatives. The effort requires a minimum of 44 Ohio counties to have the designated number of eligible signatures with a total of 305,000 eligible signatures. The redistricting for the representatives was last done in 2002 after the 2000 Census. Even though Issue 1 passed, it will not take effect until after the 2020 Census and new lines drawn taking effect in 2022. The need to also end Gerrymandering at the federal level needs to be voted on now, before the 2020 Census.



About BPW/Ohio

The Business & Professional Women of Ohio was established in 1920 and was part of the Business & Professional Women/USA. BPW has a proud history of working for women’s rights and issues. Over the years BPW has worked for the women’s right to vote, allowing women to serve on juries, pay equity, health issues, discrimination in the job market, etc. We are now a legacy partner of the BPW/Foundation based in Washington DC and continue to promote the legacy programs of BPW i.e. Young Careerist, Individual Development and National Business Women’s Week® Our locals work to better the lives of women by offering scholarships, donate to domestic violence shelters, food banks, rape crisis centers and the America Legion Buckeye Girls State. BPW is an organization dedicated to women helping women.

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